While Skiing He Thought He Spotted A Rock, What It Really Was Shocked Him!


In the year 2002, Nick Woodman founded GoPro, the wide range of action and extreme adventure cameras. Woodman himself was a surfing enthusiasts and the fact that he couldn’t get clarity and close up pictures while surfing made him pursue the idea of inventing these extreme adventure cameras. After an initial investment by his parents and by selling belts and straps from his Van to raise funds, Woodman managed to establish the company and bring it into the market in 2002. This very invention has transformed the world of videography in a few years of its existence as the first-person view of adventurer can be recorded. The durability of the camera and its ability to last through harsh environments, its wide angle view and HD quality has made this brand over the years the only option for adventure enthusiasts. While there are tons of stellar videos out there captured by GoPro cameras, this small clip might just be apart from the rest.

Rafael Pease, a skiing expert and enthusiast set out at the dawn of his 21st birthday to skitter on the white powder using his board. The reason Pease was pleased was not only because it was his birthday but it was also the day after the first snow storm of the season. The previous few days, snow had lashed his home town and by the time this noble individual had turned 21, the snow level on the slopes of his town was already four-feet high. Rafael does demonstrate how deep the snow is before he sets out his first ski session of the season. The video provides viewers with the spectacle of adventure sports as Pease uses the selfie stick to capture the experience. While Pease was having a leisure time skiing with his best friend, he saw something that made him get right into action; a sight that made him get distracted from what he loves doing.

Pease and his friend spotted a Chilean horse that has been stranded in the snow storm that lasted four days. The horse was immobile as the snow had risen all the way above its feet and thanks to the keen eyes of Pease and his friend; the horse finally had a glimpse of hope. Pease got hold of his shovel and patiently started to displace the snow from where the horse was standing in order to free it. After a while of arduous digging and displacing, Pease set the horse free, an action that certainly saved the horse’s life. A few more hours and the stranded horse would have certainly succumbed to the freezing temperatures. Little did Pease know that he would be a hero on his 21st birthday.