Top 10 Monsters From Movies, Books, And Popular Kids Tales!


As kids, we usually have only one thing to worry about…studies. Everything else is taken care of by our parents. Kids usually have their friends to give them company, but occasionally they might have to spend some time alone when parents go to work. This is when kids use their creativity and imagination to keep themselves busy. However, owing to a child’s vivid imaginative skills, they often make up characters that would keep them occupied or scare them when they are alone.
Remember when you were a kid, you would always be scared to look under your bed, or hang your feet and arms along the side of the bed? Well, it seems that the same monster under your bed has been the reason behind many children across the world having unbearable nightmares. There are of course several other creepy, bizarre and ghoulish creatures that have haunted us since ages, some of them a figment of our imagination, while others being manifestations of character we come across in movies. Most often it was something we had seen in a film or a TV show that combined with our childhood phobias and transformed into a monster we couldn’t bear to face alone. Whatever the reason behind our “irrational” fears might have been, there were definitely one or two creatures that scared the hell out of you. In fact, even today I am scared of clowns, though I haven’t got the faintest idea where I got the fear from. Recently, I watched a film based on Stephen King’s ‘It’, and the clown Pennywise, with his razor-sharp teeth and crazy smile revived that illogical childhood fear in me. While the boogeyman and the monster under the bed inspired movies to be made, there were characters in films that in turn played with our minds. A few classic instances would be zombies or Chucky the doll, Freddy Kruger. Kruger, a character from the horror film, ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ wouldn’t allow us to sleep, lest we get killed after we’ve dozed off. We would be scared of receiving lifelike dolls such as Chucky, for our birthdays. What if this possessed, blood-covered, knife wielding doll came and stabbed us from behind?
Do you have such a monster or horrifying creature in mind, which would terrify you out of your wits? If you can identify with this, please do share with your friends and family.