Top 10 Hot, Sexy Female Movie Villains!


“Why be an angel when I can play god?” This famous dialogue from the movie ‘Charlie’s Angel: Full Throttle’, reminds us of Lucifer at the first instance. Lucifer, the most favourite among God’s angels, but when he decided to be God, all hell broke loose. Angels and demons are vested with analogous powers but the only thing which separates them is the flaw with which demons are possessed with; the wish to be the Supreme Being. With the imperfections of these villains in the backdrop, the good look so good. We have seen the protagonists in many movies and all their might who have been idolized for their heroic qualities. However, Hollywood has produced some masterpiece female villainous characters with impeccable portrayal of the bad. These portrayals indeed make the bad look good!

Be it the confident Madison Lee from ‘Charlie’s Angel: Full Throttle’, wicked Dr. Julia Harris of ‘Horrible Bosses’, overpowering Xenia Onatopp in ‘Goldeneye’ or psychopathic Catherine Tramell ruling the ‘Basic Instinct’, these women have succeeded in bringing to life images of the bad which are so sensuous that we tend to ignore the fact that they are evil. These female characters possess immense physical power coupled with an unimpeachable power of the mind and with their inexhaustible badness they steal the show even in the presence of the most virtuous leads. Their seductive eyes and curvaceous figure are the bonuses which mesmerize their opponents making them lose the battle even before it starts.

Stunning Demi Moore as Madison Lee has been one of the best portrayals of good turn bad character who was one of the angels until she chose to be God. Jennifer Aniston as the horrible boss in ‘Horrible Bosses’ harasses her assistant making it intolerable for him to bear it anymore, but who would not want a boss as sexy as Harris. Any individual would love to be encountered by a supernatural power when the alluring Megan Fox plays the lethal revenant in ‘Jennifer’s Body’. The sensual depiction of bond girl Xenia Onatopp by Frame Janssen even made the Bond gasp for breath. The psychopathic killer Catherine Tramell in ‘Basic Instinct’ simply killed the audience with her grace and poise. These ladies truly deserve ovation for making the bad appear so desiring. Well, who would mind being in association with the villain when they are so enticing and invigorating.