This Gum Commercial Is Making People Everywhere Weep


Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Everyone who has been in love will agree with Franklin P. Jones. When you’re in love, the smile of that one person means the world to you. You want to bring the stars and the moon for your beau, do everything in your capacity and more for see that twinkling smile. But love isn’t all about roses and candlelight dinners; true love is when you are willing to accept someone with their flaws and be with them even after seeing them at their worst. Nevertheless there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that someone is waiting for you when you’re back from work. When everything seems to be going against you the world seems a vile place, that one person is always there to hold you, act as your anchor. As Fyodor Dostoyevsky has rightly said “With love one can live even without happiness”.

The twiterrati went all gaga over the Extra Gum commercial and many even went to say that “This commercial has more emotion than some 100 million dollar plus Hollywood movies.” The commercial which revolves around the story of Sarah and Juan, who met in the first year of college, is a sure tearjerker. The video begins in the locker room and Sarah drops her stuff on the floor and Juan who is nearby helps her. The conversation starts between the two and she offers him a gum. As the video progresses, so does their love story. The ‘Extra’ gum is a witness to all their important moments, the first kiss, the prom night, there Skype calls and even their first quarrel. Finally on the big day when Juan decides to propose Sarah, he calls her over to his place. Sarah walks in the door and finds all the gum wrappers carefully framed and mounted on the wall. Each wrapper depicts a story of their life and the last one in the queue has a cartoon showing Juan proposing Sarah. Beaming with happiness she turns around to find Juan on his knee, a ring in hand, waiting to ask her hand in marriage.

This two minute video unfolds the many emotions we face in love. The honeymoon phase to the perils of a long distance relationship, the struggles in a relationship; the two minute clip has it all to give you the feels. No wonder social media is mooning over it. It’s definitely worth sharing with your special someone.