They Asked These Babies To Take A Sip From The Lemon. Their Reaction? PRICELESS!


The ages between one to three mark a period of great activity for a kid. The toddlers are inquisitive and are generally hyperactive during this time. It is like they are on a never ending quest and are constantly trying out new stuff. Studies reveal much of the cognitive, emotional and social development happens in these years.

Apart from the physical growth, there are several other aspects of development in a kid. Ability to control muscular movement, which leads to activities like crawling, walking, jumping ad climbing, development of visionary and auditory senses, and social skills are some of the phases involved in toddler development.

When kids are teething, they tend to bite and chew everything. This video compilation of kids tasting lemons for the first time is bound to leave you gagging with laughter. It captures the apprehension of kids before trying out the treat handed to them, and the myriad of reactions ranging from shudders to pure horror that follows. Some of the brave hearts are intrigued by the tangy lemony taste and are willing to give it another try while others are baffled by the acidic taste. Not many of them gave it another try as it is quite obvious from their reactions that the first experience didn’t go too well. However, there are some brave souls who didn’t mind munching on this strange-tasting fruit one more time, may be just to be sure whether something can really be that bad.

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