The US Troops Were On A Mission In Guatemala, What They Did There? Beyond Expectations!


What makes you happy? Being with family and friends, travelling, reading, shopping, writing, listening to music or dancing? Renowned lawyer Robert Green Ingersoll once quoted, “Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so.” I remember humming a song with similar lyrics when I was in school and trust me; this song provides me with some happiness even today. You might have your definition of happiness and your reasons for happiness may vary from time to time. It is solely our choice to be happy or sad. Whatever be the reason, try and be happy, because happiness costs nothing, and life is too short to be sad.

Heard the ‘Happy’ song by Pharrell Williams? How does it make you feel? Happy and peppy song, isn’t it? Well, the US defense forces were based at Guatemala on a humanitarian project and it clicked to one of the officers that they should manifest their happiness to the people out there and make them happy too. What better song than Williams’ ‘Happy’! They grooved to the tunes of this song; in the cafeteria, the pharmacy, the dormitory, the hospital, everywhere people are dancing to the rhythms of this song along with the defense personnel. This initiative helped to bring a respite to the routine life of the defense force members and show us a flipped side of their otherwise quiet and reserved personality. They are there helping the people of Guatemala, serving them as they are assigned and at the same time doing extra bit to bring joy to these people. The people too are participating in the dance regime shaking their hips and twisting their arms and getting in the happy mood. The patients who visited the hospital for treatment no longer felt sick and tired and smiles bloomed all around. One of a kind endeavour and the lady, who was instrumental in this venture, truly deserves a salute. She seems to be a happy soul herself and finds joy is spreading it far and wide.

As they say, “Smile a while and while you smile, others will smile and there will be smiles miles and miles.” Do learn to smile and if your little efforts can bring joy to people, do not hesitate to do that even if it requires being a little crazy. Watch this video and share it with all. Someone thitherto is awaiting to be happy.