She Joins These Otters In A Pool..I Wasn’t Expecting What Followed Next!


Happiness is a very vague concept; it has different definition for different individuals. While for some money might mean happiness for others family may be the reason behind their happiness. While for some conjuring up new dishes makes them happy others are content with reading their favorite book. While there are a few for whom travelling brings contentment, others are delighted in the company of their furry canine companions. As His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama says “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” It is a state of mind owned or consumed; it is our determination and actions that will finally lead us to happiness. And it only increases by sharing.

When Kevin & Wendy Yates’ house in Valley Center, California was ravaged by forest-fires in 2003, they were touched by the outpour of moral and financial support from the entire community. As a token of gratitude for the community, they started a nonprofit organization. Their motive behind ‘Nurtured by Nature’ was to provide a happy place for the children suffering from emotional trauma or terminal illness. Since its inception, many have taken advantage of the project which fosters a bonding between animals and humans.

Science has proved the benefits of pet therapy in healing patients with mental disorders. A recluse from the hectic city life, ‘Nurtured By Nature’ helps in promoting a healthy outlook through several programs which involves interacting with animals. The center features a two-toed sloth, an African crested porcupine, armadillos, kangaroos, hornbills and horses among others. But the small-clawed Asian otters are definitely the highlight of the program. People are allowed to swim with these adorably cute sea otters, who will stop at nothing to uplift your mood. When just the sight of these playful creatures is enough to make your mood better imagine how pleasurable a swim with them will be.
In this video, adventure guide Stephanie Arne is excited to join the otters in the pool. The little bundles of joy flock to her and laud her with frantic kisses and compete with each other to gain her attention. An ecstatic Stephanie says “This is the most amazing thing. You have to come here to ‘Nurtured By Nature’ to swim with these baby otters. It’s 100 percent guarantee that you’ll leave feeling more joyful than you have ever felt in your entire life.”

Don’t you just want to cuddle all these cuties and never leave them? I’m definitely going to add this to my bucket list. Click on share if you would do the same.