Reaction When A Newborn Meets Dog For The First Time


Baby or the dog? Who do we keep is a question that troubles many expecting couples. This is one of the toughest choices a couple needs to make when they are expecting. There are so many concerns. Is it safe to leave the newborn around the dog? Is it hygienic? Would the baby like his furry friend? The concerns are never-ending. One such couple faced the same problem. They had no idea on how to deal with this. Choosing between the dog and the baby was not a decision they wanted to make. They were reluctant on introducing their new born to the beagle. Their anxiousness on how the beagle was going to be with the baby was indeed valid. This made the couple keep the two apart for a few months. But when it was time for the baby and the beagle to be introduced to each other, it turned out that the meeting was better than expected. It was casual, unpretentious and full of love. The dog was very accepting of the baby and his slobbery love for the baby was enough proof. It was surprising to see how the dog and the baby got along like best buddies with minutes of their encounter.

The video begins with the dog sniffing at the baby and he walks away. The baby intrigued by this, gets on his knees and approaches the beagle. He pets the dog with his tiny hands. The dog by then gets comfortable with the baby’s scents and lies down by his side, slowly kissing him and licking him away to glory. Within no time, both the baby and the beagle are comfortable in each other’s company. From that very moment the duo were pretty much inseparable. Meanwhile, dad who was taping this adorable sight could not contain his laughter and was more than happy that they were simply worried for no reason. This is one of the many videos that goes to show furry friends are the best friends we can ever have. This epic moment does mark the blossoming of a beautiful friendship. Our prediction is that the baby is going to have a great friend.

So, for all the expecting couples who are unsure about keeping your dog around the newborn, this video may be assuring. Stop fretting and let the guys mingle. After all, dogs are man’s best friend!