It Looked Like It Was Going To Be A Normal Dance Routine, What This Couple Does Blows My Head Off!


South American nation Brazil has a culture that has rubbed off on many other countries because of its free spirit and fun loving essence. While the first thought that comes to our minds when we talk or think about Brazil is football, the Samba culture which is deep-rooted in its history, its love for sports, and its cuisine are certainly the ones attractive to anyone despite where he or she is from. With dancing being a natural attribute of the Brazilians, one routine or dance genre that has been making waves in Europe over the years is Forro.

For any dance lover watching this video, at first glance you might think that this lovely couple Valmir & Juzinha are doing a salsa routine, but they are actually performing a routine from the dance genre which is originally Brazilian and is called Forro. Forro has been booming for some time now in Europe and has made a huge impact. The couple we see in the video is performing the dance at the Forro de Domingo Festival held in Stuttgart, Germany in 2014. The Forro de Domingo is Europe’s largest and biggest party solely dedicated to the Brazilian dance genre, Furro. The festival has a series of workshops spread over a few days for those who are passionate about learning dance and this very genre, followed by shows performed by professionals or by those conducting the workshops and ends each day with parties. Being the biggest Furro festival in Europe, the event sees hundreds from all over the world flock to Germany, to learn this new dance form with one on one interaction with the best in the business.

Talking about watching and interacting with the best in the business, specialists in the art of Furro, Valmir & Juzinha perform for about a hundred people seated around the dance floor just after their workshop. They exhibit a furro routine that gave everyone present there and watching it online goosebumps. At first it seems like a salsa routine on fast forward but as the dance progresses you start to see the unique characteristics of the furro dance. The very pace of the dance itself is breathtaking for the onlookers and certainly is dance at its best. The pure grace and professionalism of this couple will captivate you for the whole three minutes and if you haven’t seen anything better. So please share and show the world the beauty of Furro and the virtuosity of Valmir & Juzinha.