It Looked Like A Collection Of Toy Cars, I Took A Closer Look & Believe Me, I Was Speechless!


Looks like a collection of Lego, but take a closer look and you’ll realize that it is the capital of China, Beijing. China is the second largest country in the world with regard to land surface area and has the highest population in the world. At present, with a population of 1.35 billion, it is a thriving economy.

The clip that you are about to see will leave you gaping. The view is of the heart of China, Beijing. The capital of China, Beijing, is currently one of the most populous regions in the world with a staggering 21,150,000 people residing in it. Apart from being one of the most populous cities, it is also known to be one of the most polluted cities across the globe. According to researches made by experts, the main cause in the increase of pollution is the number of vehicles on the road. Apparently, in the last year alone, about 13 million vehicles have been introduced to the roads of Beijing. It is a rare sight in Beijing to have clear sky as it is often covered by smog, all result of pollution from the vehicles. Not a head breaker, but more the vehicles, more the chances of traffic jams happening.

Talking about traffic jams, this very clip will make you queasy, and if it does that to you then imagine the people involved in it. This two minute clip showcases the traffic scenario in China and why people around the globe sometimes say that by far, Beijing has the worst traffic jams in the world. If you have disagreed with them and assume that Beijing is all about its opulence and high-rise buildings, then these images will bring your imagination to ground level reality. The clip displays pics of the traffic scenario on one of Beijing’s busiest highways. The aerial view images of the city were taken when the citizens of Beijing were returning from their holiday. The jam is unimaginable to even look at and it took hours to clear the traffic that stretched the length of a few miles. Despite the alarming rate of pollution in the country, not much is done by the citizens and the government to curb the situation and if you strongly feel that this issue needs attention, then share it as much as possible.