How To Make An Omelet In A Bag


Eggs have been a favorite amongst foodies across the world. While a few find them tasty and can’t imagine their meals without them, many others include eggs in their diet due to their richness in protein. There are various methods of cooking the egg. Boiling, making omelets and even reducing the yolk into a scrambled form. The Omelet has been one of the widely adopted egg recipes across the world. The way the Omelet is prepared, varies significantly across the world and each nation adds a pinch of its local flavor during the preparation of this dish. For instance, the ‘Khagineh’ or the Iranian Omelet is a dish prepared by using sugar, along with beaten eggs, oil or butter. The ‘Nargesi’, which is another Omelet variant from Iran, is slightly spicier, since ingredients like Onion, Garlic, Pepper and Spinach are used.

The most commonly used method in making Omelets is pouring and frying the Egg yolk on a pan. However, here is a woman who shows the world an easier and more efficient way of preparing this dish. For this cool hack, all she uses is a plastic bag, a few eggs and ingredients such as sliced tomatoes, Shredded Cheese and others. The ingredients of the Omelet can be different, depending on your preferences. She first breaks two eggs and pours the yolk into the plastic bag. The bottom of the plastic bag is squeezed repeatedly so that the Egg yolk is uniformly distributed across the lower portion of the bag. Shredded Cheese, cubed pieces of Ham, chopped Onion, one tablespoon of chopped Green Bell Pepper, one tablespoon of chopped tomato, two finely chopped Mushrooms, and one tablespoon of chunky sauce are then added into this bag.

The bag is then sealed and squeezed to distribute the ingredients evenly. The plastic bag is then placed in a vessel filled with boiling water for a period of 30 minutes. Several such plastic bags filled with Egg yolk and ingredients can be placed simultaneously inside the vessel, depending on the capacity of the container. Here, the lady manages to cook around eight omelets by adopting this unique method in a matter of thirty minutes. If you feel that the Omelet isn’t cooked well enough, the plastic bag can be be placed in the container for more time and then removed. If you found this Omelet hack really cool and has made cooking easier, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.