His Owner Didn’t Wash The Dishes, How The Bird Reacted Is Something You Haven’t Seen Before!


Staying with a room-mate can always have its pros and cons. While for some it is easy to adapt to another person staying so close, for others it’s just never an easy choice. While it works beneficially with regard to the finances, if your room-mate lacks basic etiquettes it can turn into turmoil. Having a roomie who doesn’t keep the house or rather the dishes clean and tidy can sometimes prove too much to handle, just like this room-mate in this cute clip. For those staying with their parents, it’s not rare to hear your mom to scream on the top of her lungs for you to get your laundry done or do the basics in keeping the house in order. Talking about screaming on top of lungs, this video exemplifies the reaction of any roomie who sees dirty dishes in the sink.

In this adorable over a minute clip, we see this guy’s room-mate, Cockatoo, flip out because the dishes in the sink were dirty. The reaction of this cockatoo will leave you in splits throughout the video. It starts showing the bird letting out a high pitch scream because of the unclean dishes it sees and its reaction to its owner is quite scary for some but for those who really understand these birds, they will be Rofling on seeing how it conveys the message to its owner. The bird in its exasperation spreads its wings out to pass on to its owner the seriousness of the issue and at one point is seen almost attacking or approaching the owner in a cute playful way. Some viewers might be a little wary and startled by the reaction of the bird but in truth, the bird is just playing with its owner and its theatrical reaction to the stinky dishes is almost comical.

For those not too familiar with cockatoos, these birds are generally found in the Australasia region, of Indonesia, the surrounding areas and Australia. Though like other birds in its family this one is not colourful. These birds which are part of the parrot family can be found in pure white, grey, black and white. Cockatoos like parrots are incredibly smart in mimicking their owners and the dramatic touch to their behavior just make them very exciting pets to have. Despite being fabulous pets, Cockatoos are social animals and their social needs are sometimes difficult to cater to, and the worst thing you could do to them is to confine them to a cage.