German Shepherd Puppy Refuses To Take A Nap, Now Watch Mom’s Reaction!


Remember the last time your mom put you to sleep? I am sure that must have been one of the most pleasant memories from your childhood. It’s just one of those things about our moms that we will always remember fondly. It is almost as if they know exactly how to take care of us and are always aware of what is best for her child—something they never need training for. Mothers are those people in our lives we just can’t do without, because of the selfless love they epitomize.

The compassion and unconditional love that a human mother shows towards her children is replicated by most animals across the universe. Dogs are no different—they too get extremely possessive about their newborns and as their babies start growing they encourage their older puppies to become more independent. You may also find doggie mothers constantly nipping at their babies or shaking them by the scruff of the neck as a disciplining measure.

Occasionally you may have the pleasure of seeing a dog take care of other smaller animals, that are not a part of their litter. I have seen my dog (who’s never been a mother) taking good care of my kitten.