Can Animals Be JERKS? You Have No Idea!


Humans and animals share a special bond and it’s evident when one observes the interaction between people and their pets. Another manifestation of this relationship is the way people communicate with animals in the zoo. Animal lovers constitute a huge part of our population and because of them the zoo and wildlife sanctuaries exist. Nowadays, there are also rescue homes for abandoned animals where many individual volunteer to work without any monetary purpose.

The relationship between man and animal has a long history. We have authors who penned books on the human-animal relationship in ancient and modern times as well. Therefore, we can say that in every era, with changing times, most things have changed but this bond did not change. Even today humans feel for animals and animals return the love in the same way or may be multiple times more than that. People come out of depression when they have a pet at home and many people who do not communicate much with people can find solace in animals, and spend more time with them. ‘The Call of the Wild’ is a marvellous story depicting the relationship between a canine and his master. Such stories whether narrated in written form or made into a movie, make our eyes moist, overpowering you with emotions.

However, these animals are mostly playful and often create mess like ripping off the pillow, scratching the carpet, digging into the sofa or tearing car seats and the like. We can do nothing about these except mending the mess. At other occasions these animals act at the wink of an eye, leaving us dumbstruck. Here’s a compilation of many such events when the doings of animals resulted in some extremely humorous situations. Watch, enjoy and share it to make others laugh along by clicking the share button below.