African Pirates Messed With The Wrong Ship! Armed Men Unload Warning Shots On Them!


The Somali Civil War which ravaged the African Nation in the 1980’s has given rise to another threatening situation of piracy. Off the coast of Somalia, piracy has been a concern for the entire shipping industry. The cost of shipping has taken a sharp upward curve and according to global data the expenses are as high as $6.6 to $6.9 million annually. The local fishermen have resorted to hijacking of commercial vessels, as the primary source of income for them is receding owing to various factors. Illegal fishing as well as dumping of toxic wastes into the ocean is the main reason of increasing poverty in the region which forces the local fishing folks to turn to anti-social activities. The increasing risk of hijacking posed to commercial vessels has led to a decrease in the number of ships using the Suez Canal. The result is a dwindling income for Egypt; the loss is estimated at about $642 million. But in light of recent findings, it can be said that the situation has improved a lot with a significant decrease in the number of pirate attacks on commercial vessels. According to US Office of Naval Intelligence the number of reported attacks by December 2013 is less than ten and so far there have been no cases of successful hijacking.

Here we can see the pirate boats are closing in on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Though they planned to take over the vessel, what they did not apprehend was the ship had a private security crew aboard. The crew started out by warning the pirates but when they showed no signs of stopping, the crew began firing warning shots. Despite the initial round of firing, the pirates remain undeterred and continued on their path. In what appears to be a scene from a movie, the security officials continue firing in an effort to dissuade the sea thieves. Finally realizing the threat, the pirates turn around and escape into safety.

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