Wriggly, Slimy Worms Fun Recipe for Halloween?


The festival of Halloween marks the evening before the “All Hallows’ Day” or “All Saints Day” and is celebrated on 31st of October every year. According to legends, it is the time of the year when fairies and spirits of the departed maunder over the earth searching for humans to inhabit. In an attempt to confuse and frighten the wandering spirits, people would dress up in costumes raising a hue and cry and thus the tradition continued.

Want to do something fun and interesting this Halloween? How about making some green wiggly edible worms? Here Todd is describing the procedure to make slimy gummy worms. He starts with taking a bowl into which he pours two cups of boiling hot water. He then empties an entire packet of strawberry jelly into the water. Then he takes three packets of 10 grams gelatin each and adds them to the mixture. The mixture is then stirred till all the gelatin and jelly dissolves. Allow the mixture to rest for about half-an- hour or till it cools down to room temperature. Then he takes some straws that have and extendable section which can be bent and extends them to their full length. He take the extendable straws and uses a rubber band to hold them all together in a pile. Taking a glass container he places the straws in its centre. Next he takes the liquid mixture and adds about half-a-cup of thickened cream to it. Then he adds about fifteen drops of green food coloring (you can add different food coloring for making worms of different colors) and mixes it well so that everything is roughly combined. Then he pours the mixture into the container with straws till the straws are filled up to about one-fourth of their height. Todd then puts the container in the fridge for about 20 minutes so that the mixture solidifies a bit thus allowing us to fill the straws with remaining liquid. He fills the straws to the brim and puts it in the refrigerator for three hours to cool. When the mixture has solidified nicely, he takes them out and separates the straws. Then he takes a bowl and squeezes out the worms from the straws which have been previously dipped in hot water for 2-3 seconds. The green wiggly gummy worms are ready.

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