10 Most Ridiculously Insane Japanese Inventions!


Philosopher Plato’s statement, “Necessity… the mother of invention” is quite famous, but it seems certain people take the word ‘necessity’ a tad bit too far. Inventions are the results of brilliant minds who strive to make our lives a lot more comfortable. When it comes to innovation, certain nations like the United States of America, South Korea, Germany and Japan seem to pass with flying colors.

The Land of the Rising Sun is a world leader when it comes to scientific research and technology, having given to the world 21 Nobel Prize winners. Japan is highly renowned in the field of industrial robotics, earthquake engineering, automobiles, chemicals, semiconductors, machinery and optics. However, the Japanese have also made a name in the world for introducing the world to some of the weirdest and dumbest technological inventions. These inventions are stupid, unnecessary, uncomfortable or just plain crazy. In fact, some are so bizarre, that you might end up wondering what exactly these inventors were thinking when they created the mess they did.

For example, the Japanese have created high heel shoes that come free with training wheels. These might look terrible, but you never know, they might be useful for those who want to look sassy, but trip with each step in those stilettoes. They have also designed something called a full body umbrella. This is particularly for those who can’t stand even a drop of water touching them. Wondering how it looks? Well, imagine five umbrellas fixed together with some extra material with a handle in the center. Then of course, there is the completely out-of-your mind anti-rape disguise for women. The disguise that is supposed to dispel suspected rapists and molesters might be a thoughtful thing to design, but dressing up as vending machine to avoid being touched is a little far-fetched.

If you’re still not convinced, let me tell you about the ‘Grow-Your-Own-Rice’ Bra. Stumped? You should be and for good reason that too. This insane-looking lingerie was devised with plastic planters that come with soil and straps attached to the pots to give good support to women’s assets. Those wearing this bra get the opportunity to grow rice inside these planters, keeping the soil moist every time they drink water. You think it can’t get crazier than this? Then these 15 inventions might just change your mind.

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