10 Most Expensive Fruits You Had No Idea About!


Remember the age-old proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? That’s right, the apple is considered to be one of the healthiest foods ever. Most people often express their concern over healthy eating habits. No, it isn’t like they want to fall sick or they absolutely can’t get over their obsession with fries and cola; it is actually the fact that almost always nutritious food choices are accompanied by cut-throat prices. Choices are plenty, but the money we need to shell out is what perplexes many of us. Usually vegetables are affordable, but fruits have always been slightly over-priced, thus not winning many takers. You might be lamenting over how costly those granny smith apples are. However, you would be shocked to learn that there are many other fruits that would defeat the apple any day in the battle of the prices.

These fruits are the kinds that require a lot of time, patience and skill to cultivate. The harvesting methods differ for such fruits, and often the utmost care has to be taken that only the best quality is produced. They are extremely rare and not so readily available at your grocery store. Moreover, you can’t find such fruits in every part of the world. You would probably have to travel miles in order to get hold of a single such fruit. You might even have to win a tough auction to sample one.

One such fruit that sells for $6 in Shinjuku’s Takashimaya Department Store, only on May 9 each year, is the Gokusen banana. This popular fruit imbibes the best characteristics of more than 100 varieties of bananas. Japan probably leads the entire world when it comes to producing some of the weirdest fruits ever, and also in selling them at sky-high prices. Other fruits that surprised everyone were the Densuke Watermelon, 17 pounds of which was sold for $6100 and the Yubari King Melon that fetched a whopping price of 23,000 dollars at an auction. Even the pineapple that is grown in the Lost Gardens of Heligan, England is an expensive fruit that is often bought for $1,600 apiece. Even the Buddha-shaped pears are quite popular, costing about 9 dollars per piece, but it appears as if most buyers wouldn’t mind paying that much for something that looks that unique.

The question however remains as to how many of us would get the benefit of such expensive fruits? Would you go out of your way to buy costly fruits like these? Till you take time to decide, keep sharing.